Plastics:  ALL plastic containers less than three gallons can be recycled through your local curbside service in Leon County and City of Tallahassee.  Yogurt cups, butter containers, and produce baskets that are rinsed clean can be recycled.  No containers that held automotive fluids, pesticides or other hazardous materials can be recycled. Recycle non-usable electronic equipment and Styrofoam™  at: Leon County’s Electronics Recycling Center Solid Waste Management Facility 7550 Apalahcee Parkway. Open Monday - Friday 8 AM - 5 PM
Leon County’s facility accepts ONLY  electronics, household hazardous waste, clean yard debris and waste tires.  The part of this facility that was the landfill closed effective January 1, 2009.The facility will accept ONLY white Styrofoam™  (Expanded Polystyrene/EPS—brand name: Styrofoam™) - Remove all plastic bags and labels.  This includes furniture and appliance packaging, unused Hot/Cold EPS cups, packaging peanuts (nonwater soluble only) and Polystyrene labeled#6.  It will not accept Styrofoam™ packaging with mailing labels or tape, foam trays or carry-out containers, previously contaminated with food or solid polystyrene products like food trays. Furniture, steel, metal, cardboard, carpet, construction and demolition debris can be taken to Marpan Recycling for a fee.  Located at 6020 Woodville Highway, the facility is open Monday thru Friday from 7 AM until 4:30 PM and 8 AM until 4:30 PM on Saturday.

Questions? Recycling:  850.606.1823Hazardous Waste:  850.606.1803.  850.606.1800 Fluorescent bulbs and compact fluorescents (CFL’s) as well as paints, used oils, and car batteries and can be dropped off at the Ft. Braden, Miccosukee or Woodville Rural Waste Service Centers.  If you live in unincorporated Leon County, check out the website to determine what they will accept.
Semi-annual Cash for Trash (usually once in the spring and again in the fall).Check the Green Calendar for dates. City of Tallahassee Solid Waste Facility, 2727 Municipal Way. Neither the City nor the County will pick up electronic waste in traditional pick-up of bulk items.   Electronics contain hazardous waste materials such as lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium, among other things.  Collect all your non-working batteries and chunks of Styrofoam ™  to deposit when you make the trip.Neither facility will accept medical (sharps and medicines) or radioactive wastes. For more information on City recycling, contact Recycle Coordinator, 850.891.2321 or Leon County Solid Waste Services 850.891.5450.
Yard Debris:  Use leaves and grass clippings as mulch or add to your composting pile.  If you are leaving yard debris on the curb, try not to use plastic bags.  Each plastic bag must be manually opened at the landfill before it can be processed.  This uses a lot of staff time and creates a great deal of unusable plastic bags that then must be disposed.  Put yard debris in cardboard boxes or paper bags, both of which are degradable.    
Ammunition:  Take to Leon County solid waste management facility or the Tallahassee Police Department. 
Publix Supermarkets will recycle clean Styrofoam ™ containers and plastic bags of all types. If you are putting clean zip lock bags into the recycling, cut off the top 'zip' part first.  
Home Depot and Lowes accept fluorescent bulbs and CFL's. Best Buy recycles rechargeable batteries, electronics and other small electronics.  Most shipping and packing stores such as UPS, will take packing peanuts.
Goodwill will accept your old computers and laptops, cords that no longer match your equipment and other peripherals.  The store has moved from its location on West Tennessee Street.  Take your electronics donation to any Goodwill drop-off center.  The new storefront for sales of refurbished computers and peripherals is located at 2734 Capital Circle NE.  Telephone: 850.504.0958.   
The Sharing Tree located in the Railroad Square Art Park will accept surplus office supplies, gently used ring binders, art supplies and more Check their website for information and hours of operation.  They have a small retail store where you can get art supplies and other things at a bargain price.