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"A society built on green design, sustainable energy and closed loop systems, a civilization afloat on a cloud of efficient, non-toxic, recyclable technology." ~~Alex Nikolai Steffan



Remember when your Mom or Dad used to call out:  Close the front door, we can't heat (cool) the whole outdoors!

Over the years, many studies have shown that energy efficiency is the least expensive way to reduce energy costs and reduce carbon emissions.  The adage is "the cheapest kilowatt is the one you don't use."

Energy efficiency as a practice is nothing new; it's not as exciting as new technological advancements in solar or wind energy.  But, it is the easiest way to save money whether in your home or in a large commercial space.

The point of energy efficiency is not just to use less.  "Efficiency” by definition is about working smarter, not harder. To do this, it’s important to understand how much energy we consume and how to reduce consumption.  

We can readily see the energy consumption in our homes by opening our utility bill. But, before we jump out to invest in solar panels, we can first identify what is costing us the most amount of money in our home.  Identifying  the biggest energy hogs and focusing on them is a cost effective approach to driving down overall energy consumption.  Spend your time and money on the biggest culprits. 

Use data to change behavior and to prioritize improvements made in your home. The best way to obtain data is through an energy audit.  

A free energy audit from the City of Tallahassee or Talquin Electric Cooperative will identify energy problems as well as opportunities save energy, water and money. It can help you prioritize and focus your efforts. 

An energy auditor will examine the structure as well as energy and water systems of your home. The auditor will check recent and past energy and water consumption records and inspect everything that affects your home energy and water usage: insulation, appliances, heating, cooling, filters, ductwork, doorways, water heaters, thermostat settings, windows, electronics, pumps, showerheads and more. The auditors will review their findings with you, diagnoses problems that may cause high operating costs and make recommendations for energy and water saving improvements. This is a free service.
NOTE:  For some of the City's programs, such as ceiling insulation, solar loans, and solar rebates, an audit is a required first step.
Now, armed with this information, you can make adjustments to how you use appliances and set your thermostat to maximize cost savings.  In addition, you can prioritize repair or replacement costs based on which change will net the biggest cost savings.  

City of Tallahassee:  Call 850.891.4968 to schedule a free energy audit for your home
Talquin Electric Cooperative: Call 850.627.7651  (Talquin cautions that there could be a one or two month waiting list) 



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