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It's almost July, so you have eight weeks more or less until Labor Day!  We can do this!

  • Spend 30 minutes or less each day working on a specific area in your home


  • find ten items to get rid of each day
Read:  what may the best headline on clutter can get you started:  The easiest way to get rid of clutter is to give up hope.  

Watch:  As a family, watch or rewatch The Story of Stuff

Download: 8 Weeks to a Less Cluttered Home:

Know what to do with stuff you no longer want or use

Give it away

Art and craft or school supplies, ribbons, embroidery thread, you know, things you or the kids were 'saving' to make something out of one day:
The Sharing Tree 
          218 East 3rd Avenue, in the heart of Midtown #Tallahassee

Sturdy fabric:
          The Sharing Tree for the reusable bag project 

Miscellaneous stuff in good condition

          Freecycle - Membership is free, and everything posted must be FREE, legal and           
          appropriate for all ages. 

         Tallahassee Free Share
         Tallahassee Freecycle

         Other counties have freecycle, you can find the group nearest you at:          

        Or on Facebook:
        Tallahassee Free Stuff - No Selling
        Tallahassee Freecycle
        Tallahassee Free Classifieds

One neighborhood posts free stuff on their Facebook page, deposits the item(s) on the curb and someone who can make use of it takes it away!

        Craigs List Free Stuff

Tallahassee Food Swaps happen occasionally, share your extra garden bounty.

Magazines and other periodicals:
          Do you even open the cover?  Unsubscribe.  Did you know you can donate your         
          Tallahassee Democrat home or business subscription to the to a local nursing home?                 E-mail: 
          Jury Duty? leave them in the waiting area, their selections are ancient 
          Magazines with great art, travel photos etc:  The Sharing Tree 

Games, books, some toys and magazines (adult and children) 
Ronald McDonald House
712 East 7th Ave, #Tallahassee (850) 222-0056

Egg Cartons:
          You only need one (or may two) egg carton(s).  Take the empty carton with you to the      
          grower's market, or to New Leaf Co-Op and refill it.  No need to get another carton.       
          Better yet, befriend your neighbor with chickens.  Many times they have more eggs                       than their family can eat! 

          Especially vegetarian and vegan recipes:
          Bread and Roses Food Cooperative 
          915 Railroad Ave, #Tallahassee

          Echo (Emergency Care Help Organization)
          702 W Madison St, #Tallahassee
          Call for hours: (850) 224-3246

Business outfits and appropriate interview clothing:
Dress for Success
or Facebook:

Thrift Stores abound in the Tallahassee area

Bicycles and bicycle parts:
          Bicycle House 
          1317 Jackson Bluff Rd, #Tallahassee
          Call for hours:  (850) 350-8000

         Krank it Up!
         1002 Stone Valley Way, #Tallahassee
         Contact them via Facebook for days and hours:

Power tools, some computer parts, radial saws-- basically tools and equipment you use             to make stuff. Contact them first to see if it is something they can use. 
          Making Awesome:
          On Facebook: 

biofuel collection sites:

Reuse it

Mend it Fix it

Tool Sharing
          also Making Awesome and The Sharing Tree 

Sell it

have a virtual or real yard sale

There are a number of Facebook groups under the names online yard sales or kids online yard sales

Tallahassee Online Yard Sale 
The largest is a group page:

Recycle it

What to Recycle and Where

Dispose of it safely

Leon County holds Hazardous Waste and Electronics Collection Events are held on the first Saturday of the month between September and May at the Public Works Operations Center, 2280 Miccosukee Road, #Tallahassee.  
You can leave large items, Stryofoam hazardous materials, used paint, pesticides, gasoline, fluorescent tubes and CFL bulbs, electronics, etc.  See the County website for a complete of list of items they collect and how to safely package them.  

The City of Tallahassee holds Cash-For-Trash events on the third Saturdays of April and October at the City of Tallahassee Solid Waste Services Facility, 2727 Municipal Way.

Trash it

You've exhausted all these options and found something you think is going in the trash container?  Wait!  There's Marpan Recycling a material recovery facility - not a landfill - recycling material from construction and demolition waste (C&D) or Class III as well as yard waste.  It may be that the item you have can be taken apart and its components recycled. Check with Marpan first.  As a last resort, there's your trash container.  Bet it's feeling a little lonely by now. . .



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