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On this Thanksgiving, thankful for family and friends and for all the millions of people who care about the environment and who are working daily to see this planet survives the antics of humans.  

A tiny part of the circle comes as this Thanksgiving  story of the Loggerhead sea turtle that survived a shark attack and lived to see another day from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission:

Here’s the back-story: In late July, the Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Facility (STRF) at Gumbo Limbo Nature Center in Boca Raton took in a Loggerhead Sea Turtle that had been rescued by fishermen. Cindy – as she came to be known – had been attacked by a shark. The tussle had cost her her entire front left flipper and badly damaged her front right flipper. She was given months of intense medical treatment, including sutures to her flipper and daily doses of antibiotics and unpasteurized honey, which was used to fight infection. When she’d first arrived at the STRF, she was 115 pounds, but by the time of her release, she tipped the scales at more than 130 pounds.  Read the full story at the On the Trail with FWC blog:
"Over 500 people gathered at Gumbo Limbo, located on the west side of A1A near Boca Raton, FL, to watch Cindy’s release into the Atlantic Ocean. 

A green and yellow John Deere Gator rolled slowly down to the designated release area, with Cindy safely nestled in the back inside a children’s plastic wading pool. Staff and volunteers hoisted the turtle and pool out of the back and set her gently down on the sand.  While I wouldn't want to imply that I could decipher a turtle’s emotions (particularly from my vantage point), it seemed clear that instinct was taking over as the smell of the salty air hit Cindy’s nose. She seemed antsy; she was ready to go home and it was an honor to watch her get there.
  Photo by Gumbo Limbo Nature Center
A team of five people carefully lifted the turtle from under her shell and carried her to the water. As they set her down, the crowd broke into applause, as Cindy swam south away from the shore and navigated a sandbar.  It was a great day to be someone who appreciates nature."

Gumbo Limbo is located in Palm Beach County and is on the Great Florida Birding Trail, more information and a link to the Trip Planning Wizard here



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