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Last night's Green Drinks was sparesely attended, probably due to the rain, but the comments from Manny Joanos, director of Energy for Leon County School, has found cost savings in a number of areas, including disconnecting the chillers in all school water foundations, saving pennies a week, but adding up to a substantial annual cost saving. The County's adoption of software which automatically shuts down computers daily and on weekends has saved over $75,000 in a year.

Superintendent Jackie Pons has supported the purchase of 40 school buses that will run on compressed natural gas rather than diesel. A new facility at the corner of Highway 20 and Capital Circle will refuel the buses, which may also allow private vehicles to fill up, also. Discussions are underway with the local governments who may be interested in a source of compressed natural gas for their fleet conversions.

The solar on schools was highlighted, as well as the popular recycling program at all grade levels.

Next month's Green Drinks speaker is Cynthia Barrett from Florida Trend magazine.



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