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Flying in from Ft. Lauderdale (carbon offset paid in advance--the best I can do when traveling for work), I noticed that the cabin, usually a toe-numbing freezing temperature, began to warm as we descended. It was almost uncomfortably warm by the time we "deplaned" (airline for: we got off the plane). To save energy, some airlines are now turning off the air conditioning before landing, asking passengers to lower the window shades and open the air vents before leaving.

Green Readers have been reading about and discussing hypermiling as a way to squeeze a few more miles per gallon from their vehicles. This brings us back to the open the windows or run the air conditioner debate. With a nod to hypermilers everywhere, I decided to forgo the air conditioning in the morning when it's still cool(ish) and the drive has not been uncomfortable. In the afternoons, I have begun turning off the air conditioner when I am still about a mile from home, not opening the windows and arriving home without complaint.

Other simple techniques are coasting (I have a five speed), driving the speed limit--or less (is the guy behind me trying to draft off my car or is he just an annoying tailgater?), keeping the air pressure in my tires inflated correctly and timing stop lights while practicing those eeeeasy starts.

One thing I did learn is "ridge riding," driving off center in lanes which lessens the resistance by driving out of the worn tracks left in the pavement by traffic. Also, good for driving in the rain.

More techniques, gauges you can buy to monitor every ounce of gasoline and spreadsheets you can harass your friends with are available at CleanMPG and Greenhybrid.


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