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Several families have taken the challenge. Save all of the plastic items that you and your family normally use for a week. We're going to wear it as art to display on Earth Day as a sort of green consciousness raising about how much plastic stuff we actually use.

Green Tallahassee readers might also be interested in taking the Think Outside the Bottle pledge to opt for tap water over bottled water and support public water.

Take the pledge at:

Think Outside the Bottle - Take the pledge today!
Beth over at Fake Plastic Fish has been tracking her plastic consumption (she even has a graph! I'm so impressed). Her goal is to get near zero plastic items this year.
Here's some of the things she's implemented that I'm following, too:

  • eliminate plastic #3 and #6
  • eliminate using plastic produce, grocery and other shopping bags
  • take the plastic tomato boxes back to the farmer's market (I just don't take them in the first place, after they're weighed, they go into the canvas bag)
  • stopped buying plastic water bottles (I have a cool container that I can hook onto my backpack. Now when I go through security at airports, I can pass through with an empty bottle and refill it with water on the other side. I'm saving a lot by not purchasing $3.00 bottles of water)
  • Carry reusable utensils (I have a set of utensils that I use daily when I eat lunch at my office. I'm looking for some traveling ones that will get through airport security. Here's some good suggestions.
  • Request zero plastic or Styrofoam packaging for anything you order on-line.
  • Use the "no straw, no lid" policy for sodas. (Since I'm not much of a soda consumer, I can get my favorite soy latte in my own reusable travel mug)
  • Buy in bulk
  • Reuse containers


Awesome! Wishing you the best with your challenge!

Did you have a chance to see the post today about the "Take Back The Filter" campaign? It would be awesome if you'd post about it on your site and maybe include the badge also. I know you posted about the Brita filter issue when we were discussing it a few months ago, but now we have a full-fledged petition and campaign!

Info is here:

And also at Fake Plastic Fish:



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