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October 15, 2007

Today, to be a part of over 14,000 blogs from around the world who are all writing today (!) about the environment is awesome!

Since we write here on the topic of greening Tallahassee and the world beyond, what would this blog post be about? Let's take another look at implementing some of the easy hints from on how to reduce our carbon footprint

1. Use Compact Fluorescent Bulbs: already done. Tonight, we're eating in the dark. No lights at all. No lights, no carbon dioxide, no cheating with candles, the non-soy variety emit dirty vapors. We're calling lights out the same as an eight o'clock girl's overnight camp. We're plunging into darkness like we're dining at Opaque in West Hollywood. Yea, now we're cooking. Speaking of cooking, how am I going to cook in all this darkness?

Thanks, Alissa Cohen--we go Raw Food Diet! However, I'm feeding teenage boys. Sun dried mulberries and Goji Bliss are not going to make it as dinner food! I decide on the only logical choice--pizza. I modified Alissa's original recipe, concocting the dish before dusk set in. With the help of the pathetic bulb in the back of the refrigerator, I was able to find the ingredients and get all assembled. Alissa's recipe calls for a pizza crust made from sprouted grains or seeds that are then dehydrated.

Not only did I not plan ahead to make this crust, I knew my guys were not going with dried sprouts, not matter how much they admire Al Gore.

Yes, friends, I cheated and used a Bobli (whole grain) crust that I already had in the refrigerator. The tomato sauce was a mixture of canned tomato sauce, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, fresh oregano and basil from my porch container garden. I used crumbled goat cheese and topped 1/2 with avocados, raw mushrooms, raw spinach and scallion tops. The other 1/2? I'm such a failure! I topped with goat cheese with some processed, soy "pepperoni." I know, revoke my carbon credits! I'm feeding teenagers here. We added a fresh salad, tap water and soy frozen deserts--chocolate, of course. Our dinner tab came in well below the $99 inclusive dinner-in-the-dark at Opaque.

Adjust your thermostat: already done. I turned the thermostat to "off" and opened the windows.

3. Run the dishwasher with only a full load.
already done. Since, we generated few dishes, running a full machine is scheduled for tomorrow.

4. Use recycled paper.
already done. It's dark, we can't see to read or write.

5. Take shorter showers.
already done.

6. Insulate your water heater.
already done.

7. Air dry your clothes.
already done. I just brought in the table cloth and some towels that were drying outside today.

8. Put on a sweater.
no need! Tallahassee's weather today is a perfect 75 degrees.

9. Buy organic and bring a cloth shopping bag to the market.
already done.

10. Turn off your computer and



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