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Recycled Bottle Caps?

Was it urban legend or did I see it on TV? Somewhere I heard that if the caps were left on bottles and put into the recycling that the entire bottle would get thrown out. Immediately, my co-workers and I removed every cap from our bottles in the recycling bin. Who's been drinking all these bottled waters? I asked, looking up from the water cooler that's attached to our very good Tallahassee water, keeping it cool and ready to drink whenever.

In the meantime, I needed to get the real answer,
so I contacted the recycling folks at our City utilities. This is what they said:

Dear Utility Customer,
Customers are encouraged to remove the caps and tops from glass and plastic bottles. These items have a tendency of getting caught in conveyor equipment causing breakdowns at the recyling center or when pressure is applied to the bottles this caused the tops to pop causing hazardous conditions. Any glass or plastic bottles, jars or soda bottles are recyclable.
Thanks for this prompt to my question, City staff. Now, if I can just find out who is consuming all that bottled water. Didn't they read my blog post?



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